Monday, January 09, 2012

JAWS - The Storybook

In early 1983, I was in Kindergarten and, as a school project, we made our own books. Rather than come up with something original, I thought it best to tackle something that hadn't been done before, a storybook for JAWS. Hell, if STAR WARS and THE MUPPET MOVIE could have storybooks, why not JAWS? (Not counting the children's books that were inspired by JAWS 2, which weren't true story books.)

So, my 6-year-old mind came up with some crazy hodge-podge adaptation of both JAWS and JAWS 2 (JAWS 3-D hadn't yet been released). I now present you with this fine(?) publication (limited to one copy) of my attempt at a big fish story. (Brace yourself. Logic, narrative and fine illustrations clearly weren't a priority.)

People, get ready!

So far, so good.

Blame it on the ocean spray.

I have no idea what that monstrosity is.
Certainly not albatross.

Here's my clever way of introducing a scene from JAWS 2,
while jumping immediately to the conclusion of said film.
Damn those electric sticks!

Fairly certain this wasn't the end, rather the first act
of the original film, but close enough.

Not much has changed here...

...or, here, really.

Now, if only I could find that James Bond book I made...


Damon said...

Love it! I'd like to think that the fourth pic is of Cthulhu. Your young mind already knew of the Elder gods.

Jenn said...

I loved that! Thanks for sharing it. Too cute!

Nathan Martin said...

Damon, even though I couldn't spell Cthulhu back then, I'll gladly accept that scenario!

Thank you, Jenn! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Joe Francis said...

The only downfall is that it was too short. I love happening across stuff like this. Other peoples, that is, not my own.