Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Nathan Lives: The Movie Tie-In Project Returns!

It's been ages since I've posted anything here on the blog and even longer since I did one of these videos.  So, without further ado, there's the third installment in the increasingly popular series (Oops, I got this mixed up with the TWILIGHT franchise).  Enjoy?  Yes, enjoy.

Another bevy of vintage and contemporary film-related tie-ins presented in the form of paperbacks, oversized paperbacks, hardbacks, comic book adaptations (Marvel, DC) and those wonderful Fotonovels (with some wannabes thrown in, too). Also, there are a slew of spin-off paperbacks ("The Amityville Horror" continuations, "Dirty Harry" action stories and further installments of "The Omen" series) included here, as well.

Part IV is in the works and I refuse to give any spoilers here!
You'll just have to wait it out.
Could be another several months, or hours.
I won't tell!

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