Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Typically, I have a superstition about listening to a film score prior to seeing the film in question.  But, there is that temptation of listening to something with the purest mindset, uninhibited with the eventual marriage of imagery.  Such is the case with Daft Punk's score for TRON LEGACY, of which I have been quite excited about since learning the news of this collaboration.  Seemed perfect.

My impressions of the score...
First of all, I read a review (I know, why bother?) which basically said that this orchestrated score gives us very little of what we love about Daft Punk.  Well, that person is clearly of the moronic persuasion and it seems they've missed the point.  Composing a film score is certainly new ground for Daft Punk and if the likes of Danny Elfman and Mark Mothersbaugh can do so successfully, why can't these Frenchmen?

So, I popped the disc in (TRON-style, yo!) and while I dug the sound of the first track, "Overture," it was the second track, "The Grid" (featuring narration by the great Jeff Bridges), which literally gave me chills and immersed me in the TRON experience instantly.  I am so ready for this film!  Daft Punk has succeeded here by tapping into the TRON vibe (without stealing from Wendy Carlos' score to the original TRON) and, above all else, accomplishing what every film score should by transporting your imagination to another world, one that is beautifully filled with strains of triumph, romance and despair.

The style they're known for can be heard on both "End Of Line" and "Derezzed" (with the former supplying some welcome ATARI-era gaming sounds).  Throughout, I'm impressed with how much this album brings to mind the pulsating, electronic drive of John Carpenter's earliest scores.  In fact, I'd describe it as Carpenter meets Vangelis, backed by a full orchestra.  Beautiful work indeed and, best of all, it does the trick.

On with the show!

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