Monday, July 12, 2010

Love And Menace

BODY DOUBLE is one of my favorite films, mostly because it's a Brian De Palma film, but also because it's the De Palma film that few seem to care about.

It also contains one of my favorite Pino Donaggio scores, which brings me to this remix of the main theme which I found on YouTube. (Initially, I was going to post this on Facebook, but I gotta be careful not to "offend" some of the lamenheimers whom I once considered cool. Don't get me started on the rant.) The visuals in this video suck and it drives me nuts, but the music is the reason to watch(?), so, whatever.

Critically, De Palma took a bit of a swan dive with this one, following his SCARFACE (which the critics loathed at the time), but when I finally was of age to see this, I couldn't believe this film was as lambasted as it had been. Although, I know why it was, that still doesn't make it okay. Critics could not get over the whole Hitchcock influence thing. And, by the time BODY DOUBLE came around, I think they were sick of it. Too bad, as this is a very clever take on REAR WINDOW and a total blast from the '80s.

Another remix...

And, of course, I couldn't leave out Frankie (seems the volume always gets cranked up during this particular scene)...

The above music video is actually the second made for "Relax." This is not a direct port from the film, rather the rare companion music video which is also directed by De Palma. Very cool tie-in, since this incorporates a certain character from the film. Would have been a nice addition to the special edition DVD.


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