Friday, June 04, 2010


I had no idea that this was on the horizon until a friend linked the trailer on his site. It seems Kino has outdone themselves once more with yet another, but ultimately quite impressive, restoration of Fritz Lang's masterpiece, METROPOLIS.

A few years ago, Kino delivered an astounding restoration of the film on DVD. Preserving the correct film speed would have been miraculous enough, but the frame-by-frame clean-up is superb, making that version the definitive one... until now.

Somehow, Kino has managed to track down over twenty minutes of lost footage, presumably from two recently discovered prints. And, the good news is, we'll be able to indulge in it's wonder quite soon.

I was hoping to showcase the trailer here, but embedding has since been disabled, so please check it out HERE.

Excitement: 10/10


Damon said...

Not to mention that they are doing theatrical screenings of this complete version. It's not on the schedule yet, but they say more dates will be added. I can't believe it won't play here. That will be amazing.

Nathan Martin said...

Agreed. May have to trek to Austin if it shows up there.