Thursday, April 01, 2010

Cinephemera, Where Art Thou?

I miss the days of movie tie-in memorabilia, not that it doesn't exist today, but it's just not the same. Nowadays, it's all about bangin' you over the head with an abundance of crap. (i.e. anything from the TWILIGHT series, HARRY POTTER or the emo-fueled resurgence of THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS.)

Theatrical promo items have been lacking for years. Gone are the days of the 40x60 heavy card stock posters, insert posters, half sheets and lobby cards. Gone also is the movie program. Some theaters offered these to patrons depending on the marketing of the film. Basically, you could buy your bucket o' caffeine, bucket o' eventual kernel slivers that embed themselves neatly between your teeth and gums (Sorry, not a popcorn fan, unless we're talking about the Jill Schoelen kind) and a program. Patterned after the Playbill, it served as a nice memento for when movie-going used to be an experience.

Along with programs, you'd be hard pressed to find those official movie magazines or poster books. I don't follow comic books, so I'm not sure if comic book adaptations still make the rounds or not, but they were quite the big thing, courtesy of Marvel and DC, in the '70s and '80s.

Production diaries were a big thing in paperback, back then...

Then you had those awesome Fotonovels...

Fotonovels made a slight return in 1999, with titles like THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT and CHARLIE'S ANGELS, but soon vanished once again. I say they should be brought back, but not for current fare... let's go back and adapt classic films. A Fotonovel for CHINATOWN, anyone?

As for movie tie-in paperbacks, don't get me started.
Too late! I already started. Here's a taste...

HALLOWEEN - Curtis Richards [Bantam, 1979]
HALLOWEEN - Curtis Richards
(Alternate cover w/Poster artwork) [Bantam, 1979]
HALLOWEEN II - Jack Martin (Dennis Etchison) [Zebra, 1981]
- Jack Martin (Dennis Etchison) [Jove, 1982]
ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK - Mike McQuay [Bantam, 1981]
DARK STAR - Alan Dean Foster [Ballentine, 1975]
THE FOG - Dennis Etchison [Bantam, 1980]
THE THING - Alan Dean Foster [Bantam, 1982]

(To Be Continued...)

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Anonymous said...

I thought this page deserved a comment, so I'll just give a little 'amen' to it! I miss this stuff too.