Saturday, October 03, 2009

A Powder Keg Of Black Fury!

I cannot wait for Scott Sanders' BLACK DYNAMITE, an amazing love letter to black action films of the 1970s, to arrive.

Having recently viewed the trailer, I can honestly say that no one has gotten a retrospective take on that genre right... until now.

I've always liked Michael Jai White. Whether he's portraying Mike Tyson in an HBO biopic, trying desperately to salvage the unsalvagable SPAWN, hamming it up and getting the intended tone of UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: THE RETURN, showing up in bit parts like GETTING PLAYED, or doing battle with David Carradine in a deleted scene of KILL BILL, VOL. 2... the guy's got great talent and I've always felt that he hasn't been given the best opportunity to excell.

That is, until BLACK DYNAMITE came around.

The trailer is so much fun that I don't know how I'll be able to take the sheer righteousness of the actual feature-length film. The trailer is that good and, along with all the promotional materials, absolutely nails that era. BLACK DYNAMITE has the same devotion to detail to it's genre as Mel Brooks' YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN had to the Univesal monster classics of the '30s and '40s.

If you take Rudy Ray Moore's DOLEMITE and it's sequel, THE HUMAN TORNADO, coupled with Greydon Clark's BLACK SHAMPOO (Jai White's look is reminiscent of John Daniels, complete with a Thalmus Rasulala-style mustache) and a dash of FOXY BROWN smoothness... you've got a pretty good idea just how right on the vibe of BLACK DYNAMITE is. The only thing missing here is an AIP/Dimension Pictures co-production logo. (Not a realistic feat, I realize, but a boy can dream can't he?!)

I haven't even seen this film yet and I already want more.
Sequel upon sequel, please!

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Corvallisoreugene said...

I can't freakin' wait for this....