Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Anvil of Cromwell

Is Oliver Stone a fan of the SPECIES films?

I asked myself this tonight as I watched SPECIES II. Having not seen the film in years, I forgot James Cromwell being in it. In the film he plays Senator Judson Ross, whose son Patrick, an astronaut-turned-possessed alien creature, has been up to no good with the ladies. Fearing such exploits could jeopardize his political reputation, he lectures Patrick, expressing his disappointment. During which, Cromwell spouts the line, "You're a Ross. Behave like one."

Hey, wait a minute!

Flash forward to ten years later in the Oliver Stone film, "W." (not to be confused with the Twiggy flick) where Cromwell portrays George Bush, Sr. and in a moment of disappointment over Bush, Jr.'s drunken antics, he spouts the line, “What do you think you are, a Kennedy?” “You're a Bush. Act like one.”

File this one under "Things that make me go... Hmmmm...."

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