Thursday, November 27, 2008

MST3K Turkey Day Tribute

Let's go back in time, shall we?
Circa the mid-1990s...

If you're anything like me, then you might have been a die-hard MSTie during this period and craved only one thing on Thanksgiving... Comedy Central's annual promise to air a continuous 28-hour marathon of arguably the best television series of all time, MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000.

Like me, you probably have terrific memories of this annual event and long for a revival as the years go by. While we've had a resurgence with Mike Nelson's Rifftrax and work for Legend Films, and MST creator, Joel Hodgson's return to form with his CINEMATIC TITANIC (which reunites many of the original show's cast and crew) we've never had it as good as we did back in the MST3K salad days... and, unfortunately, never will again.

So, here is my feeble attempt to recreate that honored tradition in viral/bulletin/blog form. (Please excuse the extreme lack of a full 28 hours of programming.) A hearty thanks to all those wonderful MSTies that have uploaded these nuggets of hilarity to the monster of wonderment that is YouTube. I couldn't have done this without you! (Of course, it's highly illogical that you know me or that you would actually be reading this, but thanks anyway!)

Okay, here's a somewhat sequenced set list of clips (including commercials!) and my humble advice is that viewers allow each vid to load in order of appearance before jumping in.

We're about ready to start our adventure! Insert your choice of time machine sound effect here. Perhaps a "whhrrrrring" humming-type sound mixed with possibly a garden trowel scraping the inside of a toilet bowl will do.

Without further ado...
Turn down your lights (where applicable)


"Zombie Nightmare" Part One

"Zombie Nightmare" Part Two

"Zombie Nightmare" Part Three

"Zombie Nightmare" Part Four

"Zombie Nightmare" Part Five

"Zombie Nightmare" Part Six

"Zombie Nightmare" Part Seven

"Zombie Nightmare" Part Eight

"Zombie Nightmare" Part Nine

"Zombie Nightmare" Part Ten

Assorted Turkey Bits

Commercial Block #1

Hour Six...

"Jungle Goddess" (due to poor video quality) has been replaced with...
"Hercules Against The Moon Men" Part One

"Hercules Against The Moon Men" Part Two

"Hercules Against The Moon Men" Part Three

"Hercules Against The Moon Men" Part Four

"Hercules Against The Moon Men" Part Five

"Hercules Against The Moon Men" Part Six

"Hercules Against The Moon Men" Part Seven

"Hercules Against The Moon Men" Part Eight

"Hercules Against The Moon Men" Part Nine

"Hercules Against The Moon Men" Part Ten

Commercial Block #2

"Operation Double 007" Part One

"Operation Double 007" Part Two

"Operation Double 007" Part Three

"Operation Double 007" Part Four

"Operation Double 007" Part Five

"Operation Double 007" Part Six

"Operation Double 007" Part Seven

"Operation Double 007" Part Eight

"Operation Double 007" Part Nine

"Operation Double 007" Part Ten

Poopie Parade Of Values, Part One

Poopie Parade Of Values, Part Two

The Sandy Frank Theme Song (from "Time Of The Apes")

The Torgo Sketch (from "Manos: Hands Of Fate")

There you have it, folks!
Happy Turkey Day & Keep circulating those tapes!

Happy trails...

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