Thursday, July 03, 2008

Hollywood's Candy Bar

I saw Peter Berg's latest film, HANCOCK, today. In it, there's a scene which involves Hollywood's turn-to candy bar, Zagnut.

Coincidentally, I recently viewed Walter Hill's 48 HRS. again, a film which contains one of the more classic Zagnut-related scenes where Eddie Murphy complains of not getting fed to which Nick Nolte responds by handing him a Zagnut from a vending machine and barking, "There's your fucking dinner!"

So, why Zagnut? I never understood that. I've never consumed a Zagnut bar in my life, and can't remember having ever seen one, although I know they do exist. Hollywood used to have a similar fascination with Tab Cola. With as much product placement these two brands have received in films and television over the past thirty years, it amazes me that there has never been a cross promotion of any kind. I realize Hershey's owns Zagnut and Coca-Cola owns Tab, yet to my knowledge, there has been no direct tie-ins with either of these products. Seems strange.

Just an observation, not a revelation.

Speaking of Eddie Murphy...
MEET DAVE? Really? I mean, REALLY?!
O' how I miss vintage Eddie.
He used to make entertaining films.

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charlie said...

I remember zagnut also being used in beetlejuice