Thursday, July 03, 2008

Broadway Joe

For the most part, I am not a sports fan. But, I do appreciate the legends of the past and for some reason, am always a sucker for a good sports-related movie. Anyhow, when I heard there were plans to make a film based on "Broadway Joe" Namath's legacy in the AFL, I was excited. When I soon found out the pick to play Namath was Jake Gyllenhaal, my enthusiasm quickly began to deflate. Seriously? I really don't see him as Namath. Hell, I can't really see anyone as Namath. It would have been a much smarter move to cast an unknown. Perhaps, the film might be worthwhile, depending on the filmmakers behind it, but truthfully, I just don't want to see Gyllenhaal as Namath.

Maybe after the biopic is complete, Jake could join Lindsay Lohan for an inspired "re-imagining" of C.C. & COMPANY. Okay, that actually doesn't sound half bad. Nevermind. Yes, it does.

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