Saturday, May 17, 2008

Jolt Cinema

For nearly a year, I've been on a Jolt Cola kick (not every second, mind you, my heart would explode) and it's been quite the mission to find actual businesses that carry Jolt products.

And now, a short history of Jolt Cola...
Born in 1985, it was first advertised as the ultimate cola providing twice the sugar and twice the caffeine. This, of course, shocked most parental groups and the product went from being easily accessible to scarce in seemingly no time at all. (I think I only had the privilege to consume one six-pack during that decade.)

Always soldiering on, the brand has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years. Jolt was clearly a signature of the '80s, but also clearly ahead of it's time. Fast forward to the current world of energy drinks, Jolt now seems to fit right in. While you can find their energy gum in many locations, their drinks are slowly becoming more and more available. But, there is hope. Walgreen's, the major drug store chain, began carrying Jolt's special energy drinks (Super Cola, Passion Fruit, Blue Raspberry, etc.) a few months back, which could lead to a lot more "Jolt awareness". Fingers crossed!

So, what does all of this have to do with cinema? First off, I always felt that it was a missed opportunity that New Line Cinema never struck a cross-promotional deal with them in the '80s for their "Nightmare On Elm Street" films. The connection is obvious. Perfect Freddy repellent! Secondly, the fine folks at Jolt Energy have created a website, which welcomes participation from the fan community in the form of stories, photos, advertising, et cetera. So, that's where I came up with the Jolt Cinema line of advertising.

On my own time, without endorsement nor compensation from the Jolt brand, I've created a few movie tie-in ads and am offering those ads here, because I'm not sure if the Jolt folks will dig them or not.

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