Monday, April 21, 2008

Al Pacino in "88 Minutes"

He has 88 minutes to solve a murder. His own.

And, I have 108 minutes in a theater, all to myself, to watch him do it!

YIKES! Give me more time!
But seriously, I did see this film and it's probably my biased Pacino appreciation talking here, but I did enjoy it. Nothing original, but it's Pacino running around with a cell phone and talking (and sometimes, more than talking) to some tantalizing females in a NICK OF TIME-esque plot riddled with bullets and wet streets. Also, Pacino reunites with previous co-stars, Amy Brenneman of HEAT and William Forsythe of DICK TRACY. A double WHAM-BAM, right in line with the recent double Pacino reunion in OCEAN'S THIRTEEN with Ellen Barkin of SEA OF LOVE and Andy Garcia of THE GODFATHER, PART III. And, yes, both of them were in that HBO film, CLINTON AND NADINE! I know! It's insane!

Speaking of reunions (and who isn't), Pacino's next film is a re-teaming with his 88 MINUTES director, Jon Avnet. The film is RIGHTEOUS KILL featuring another Pacino reunion, with fellow titan Robert De Niro of THE GODFATHER, PART II and Michael Mann's HEAT. This time around, they're due to share much more screen time... AND, the Pacino reunion continues with the additional casting of his CARLITO'S WAY co-star, John Leguizamo. (Remember the SUPER MARIO BROS. reunion he had with Dennis Hopper in George A. Romero's LAND OF THE DEAD? How could you not?! Everyone's talking about it! When I say "everyone," I'm speaking specifically of "me".)

AND, speaking of CARLITO'S WAY...

88 MINUTES felt like a Brian De Palma film, which reminds me... he and Pacino need to do another film. Let's make it a trilogy, fellas!

-Cuckoo for Pacino Puffs*

*A new cereal idea that I'm working on.